IGC Standing Rules

Revised: 02/11

1.     There shall be three hostesses for each regular meeting, all members participating.

2.     A member who cannot attend a meeting must notify a hostess.

3.    The Budget Committee and Audit Committee shall include the incoming and outgoing treasurers and one member of the club.  The outgoing Treasurer shall serve as chairman.

4.    Cards will be sent for illness or death of a member and/or the death of a member’s immediate family.

 5.    Members are encouraged to bring guests and/or prospective members to any regular meeting and/or club activity.

 6.    Standing Committee Guidelines:

 Douglas Park Beautification & Conservation

Objective:           Maintaining the park, weeding and clean-up

Frequency:          At least bi-monthly

KBB Adopt-a-Shore/Beach Cleanup

Objective:           To pick-up and recycle litter; submit report to KBB

Frequency:          Monthly

By-Laws & Standing Rules

Objective:           To review and update the By Laws

Frequency:          As needed

Habitat for Humanity

Objective:           To support Habitat for Humanity in landscaping of homes

Frequency:          At least one per year or on a  ‘as needed’  basis


Objective:           Welcoming of members, printing and distribution of name  tags

Frequency:          On going


Objective:            Welcoming and introducing new and potential members.  Making sure that their contact info is given to the Treasurer.

Frequency:          Monthly


Objective:           In charge of any ads, flyers, emails, promotions by the club including Shirts, Logo, Bags.


Objective:           Maintaining Robert’s Rules are followed

Frequency:          Monthly

Exploring Florida’s Natural Treasures

Objective:           To recommend extra excursions and activities for club members to participate in.

Frequency:          As needed.

South Brevard Garden Club Liaison

Objective:           Report to IGC announcement from their meeting

Frequency:          Monthly


Objective:           Recommend ideas to raise funds for the club

Frequency:          As needed